3 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Business Award in 2016?

There are many awards that you business can apply or get nominated for such as Business Growth Awards South Wales 2016 but why should your business apply?

3 reasons we think your businesss should apply are….

Business Focus

The whole process of applying for an awards allows you to focus on where your business is and where its going. Processes and procedures need to be sharper because as soon as you apply your business will being judged even for the shortlisting process.

This process can usually be more valuable than an award it self, leading to a more effective and efficient business.


There are always two streams of marketing either through sponsorship or through applying and organisation behind the awards marketing applicants. This is quite obvious the more the awards are talked about the happier the sponsors are and the more people will apply for the awards giving the awards a bigger presents.

Part of the application process with the Business Growth Awards 2016 is a video clip no longer than 60 seconds now this in its self is a fantastic marketing tool for your business and can be used in your marketing mix all year round. And then of course if you win an award the PR that can be created around being an award winning business is be carried through the whole year.

Motivation and the Future

If your business employs staff it can be a full time job motivating your team. The process of applying for an award and bringing the team together to achieve one goal can be motivating in its self, but then using the awards night win or lose to celebrate your achievement and show your staff appreciation for the work they do can be a great motivator. And if you don’t win it may motivate the team to work harder for the following year.

Awards also can boost your profile so as your business grows and you collect more awards you will attract a high level of candidates for any position you are looking to fill.

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